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  3. An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Elie Saab F/W 2012-13 Haute Couture [1/2]

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  4. Missing member of every group: Running Man cast

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  8. It’s true that Kpop companies are in it for the money. It’s also true that some groups have no control over their career, though others have as much freedom as they need to do what they want. But even if their music and image is the fakest shit you’ve ever seen, it doesn’t mean they are worthless and talentless. Just because they are a part of a company doesn’t mean that their dreams, sweat, tears, hard work, sufferings, triumphs, and fans’ love is meaningless. Talk shit all you want, but there’s a reason Kpop groups are popular. They are talented, they are inspiring, and they are real people who have put in years of hard work to get where they are. Think about that before you hate on any group, because none of them deserve to be treated like shit.

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  10. seoulhair:

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2013 korean hairstyle


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    2013 korean hairstyle

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